iSedora 2 is designed with modern multi-process architecture approach to take advantage of almost linear CPU scaling and optimized memory consumption.

Several server processes are running for iSedora 2:

  • iSedora 2 - User interface process for configuration and server monitoring. This process can be safely closed and reopened while server is running in background.
  • iSedoraServer - Main server process servicing client requests and streaming. This process runs in background without user interaction. There is only one iSedoraServer per system.
  • iSedoraAgent - System background process responsible for all heavy duty media processing tasks. It is highly optimized, very fast native process with low memory consumption. Several agents are running at the same time to balance server load.

Number of running iSedoraAgents can be customized on Preferenced | Advanced page with "Number of system agents" select box.

Tip: Use more agents if you have folders with thousands of media files.

Advanced Preferences