iSedora 2.1.0 Released

Mar 19, 2015

Major update with reworked transcoding architecture and several bug fixes. Now we use native streaming proxy written in C++ to deliver transcoded audio/video streams with maximum performance. This should eliminate periodic pauses caused by garbage collection in the previous versions. The CPU usage…

iSedora 2.0.9 Released

Feb 08, 2015

Important update fixing periodic pauses when streaming video. We've migrated server runtime to io.js. Faster and more rapid development cycle. Font cache fixes for Windows. Power management plug-in is back. Disable if you experience random restarts or hibernation. If no major issue is reported,…

iSedora 2.0.8 Released

Feb 07, 2015

SRT subtitles fixes in this update. On Mac OS wait for "Font cache rebuild" notification on first start.

iSedora 2.0.7 Released

Feb 05, 2015

This is an important update fixing two major issues: SRT detection is fixed. Don't forget to check and set correct subtitles encoding. Wrong encoding setting prevents subtitles playback. We are investigation an option to add auto encoding detection in the future. Random restarts or hibernation is…

iSedora 2 Production Release

Jan 18, 2015

Today, we announce official release of iSedora 2. With all major features tested and ready. Enjoy. iSedora Team

iSedora Beta 2.0.5 Release

Jan 15, 2015

This update fixes critical issue with server startup error if media folder not found. Another important fix is a long standing problem with anamorphic / cinemascope videos padding. Now we have a proper dynamic filter for such videos. Also in this update: Added option to disable notifications.…

iSedora Beta 2.0.4 Release

Jan 14, 2015

Minor update with following changes: Native video formats configuration Notification on Mac OS 10.8+ Option to hide folders

iSedora Beta 2.0.3 Release

Jan 12, 2015

Video streaming and transcoding. Please test and give us feedback.

iSedora Beta 2.0.2 Release

Dec 29, 2014

This is an important release with support for audio streaming and transcoding. High performance live transcoding engine is bundled for testing. Other features and fixes: Device configuration dialog Device export/import Transcoding preferences PDF upscaling fix on Mac Node.js runtime updated to…

iSedora Beta 2.0.1 Release

Nov 15, 2014

This release enables license registration for early purchases of beta version. Overall the license process is simplified with auto migration feature. No need to 'Unregister' before using license on another computer. Also, small fixes in iPhoto plugin and window focus on Mac OS.