To stay in touch with modern DLNA device implementation, we've added Sony BRAVIA KDL-32W705C TV to our test lab. We have mixed experience with this model after testing it for a couple of weeks.



  • Excellent picture quality. Crisp and clear with vivid colors. Probably one of the best picture quality we've ever tested.
  • Native DLNA support for all major audio, video and subtitles formats.
  • Four HDMI inputs


  • Major one: On every start the TV caches all DLNA server directories and files putting a huge CPU and network load on the server. We have customers with music collections containing over 20,000 songs. Loading the list of that many files at once has no rational at all.
  • System menu navigation is lame. For whatever reason Sony decided not to use the well-known XrossMediaBar menu in this model line. Now we have 95% of the screen estate devoted to some useless marketing pics with a tiny system menu on top. DLNA server browsing is even worse: folder and file names are truncated too much.
  • No USB-3 support.
  • Weak sound. Only 5W per channel.
  • Remote control usability of navigation buttons is not well thought. They are too close to the outer ring of "Home", "Options", "Guide", "Return" buttons making navigation harder.
  • External power adapter. What is this? Definitely not a Sony style.


  • Good model for serving as a high-quality display for some other devices.
  • Despite native DLNA support for all major AV formats, mediocre menu navigation and startup caching make this TV not the best candidate for a primary DLNA target device.

    Disclaimer: All of the above observations are the personal opinions of iSedora Team developers. We do not affiliate with Sony or any other AV vendor.