After several months of development we are releasing major iSedora 2.2 update with many new features and improvements.

Subtitles transcoding engine

  • This is a major feature of this update. New engine is fast and reliable with excellent A/V streams synchronization.
  • Automatic charset detection for subtitles files. A convenient way to watch movies with different subtitle encodings. To enable this option, open 'iSedora / Preferences / Subtitles' and select 'Automatic detection' for subtitles charset.
  • SRT / ASS subtitles font size can be customized to better fit personal taste. This option will work for plain text subtitles only. Otherwise the engine will respect the internal text formatting.
  • New engine can be configured as the default for all video streaming. Check 'Always use secondary encoder' option in 'Preferences / Video'.

Video thumbnails

  • Smart video thumbnail generator based on either video stream or embedded art if available in video file.

Music album art

  • Album art size can be adjusted or disabled in 'iSedora / Preferences / Music'
  • PDF files can be used for the album art. To enable, add 'cover.pdf' to the list of cover files in 'iSedora / Preferences / Music' and copy PDF file to the album folder.

Device configuration and native streaming

  • New simplified device configuration dialog with easier native formats selection. Please update your device settings.
  • Native A/V formats network streaming speed is much faster in this release. Heavy Full-HD videos with high bitrates should be played smoothly over Wi-Fi network connection.


  • Full list of bug fixes and improvements is available in the changelog.

Mac OS users should perform one time manual update for this release.

New subtitles engine is enabled by default for all versions of Windows,
Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, Yosemite and El Capitan.