The image processing system of upcoming iSedora 3 has been updated to support more image formats as well as optimized for speed and memory usage. Processing well-known image types should be much faster especially on Windows.

We're also adding DLNA image streaming from Internet for most popular image types: jpg, png, webp.

Here is up to date list of supported formats:

Format Extension macOS Windows
3D Studio Max Scene File drf
ASTC Textures astc
Adobe Photoshop psb
Adobe Photoshop Document psd
Adobe Raw Image dng
Apple Icon Image icns
Apple QuickTake Picture qtk
C64 Koala Graphics koa
Canon CR2 Raw Image cr2
Canon CRW Raw Image crw
Casio Raw Picture Image File bay
DirectX Surface dds
Dr. Halo cut
DxO Raw Image dxo
Epson Raw Image erf
Fuji Raw Image raf
GIF Image gif
Google WebP Image Format webp
Hasselblad 3FR Raw Image 3fr
Hasselblad FFF Raw Image fff
High Efficiency Image File Format avci, heic, heif
IFF Interleaved Bitmap iff, lbm
JPEG - JFIF Compliant jif
JPEG 2000 Image j2c, j2k, jp2, jpf, jpx
JPEG Image jpe, jpeg, jpg
JPEG Network Graphics jng
JPEG XR Image Format hdp, jxr, wdp
KTX Textures ktx
Kodak DC120 Digital Camera Raw Image kdc
Kodak DC25 Digital Camera File dc2, k25
Kodak PhotoCD pcd
Kodak Raw Image dcr, kc2
Leaf Raw Image mos
Leica Raw Image rwl
Macintosh PICT pct, pict
Mamiya ZD MEF Digital Raw mef
Minolta RD175 mdc
Minolta Raw Image mrw
Multiple Picture Object Image mpo
Multiple-image Network Graphics mng
Nikon Coolpix dsc
Nikon NRW Raw Image nrw
Nikon Raw Image nef
Olympus Raw Image orf
OpenEXR Image exr
PNG Image png
PVRTC Textures pvr
Panasonic Raw 2 Image rw2
Panasonic/Leica Raw Image raw
Pentax Raw Bitmap Graphic File ptx
Pentax Raw Image pef
Phase One Raw Image cap, iiq
PictureWorks PhotoEnhancer Image pxn
Portable Bitmap Format pbm, pfm, pgm, ppm
Portable Document Format pdf
RDC Image rdc
Radiance hdr, pic
Raw Fax Format CCITT G.3 g3
Rawzor Compressed RAW Image File rwz
Re-Volt Texture File bmq
SGI Image Format bw, rgb, rgba
SIGMA's X3F Format x3f
Samsung Raw Image srw
Sealed TIFF File sti
Silicon Graphics Image sgi
Sinar Camera Image ia
Sinar CaptureShop cs1
Sony ARW Raw Image arw
Sony Raw Image srf
Sony SR2 Raw Image sr2
Sun Raster Image ras
TGA Image targa, tga
TIFF Image tif, tiff
Vision Research Phantom Raw Image cine
Windows BMP Image bmp
Windows Icon Image ico
Wireless Bitmap wap, wbm, wbmp
X11 Bitmap Format xbm
X11 Pixmap Format xpm
Total: 105 72